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About ISCS SandFest 2018

September 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 2018
Jacksonville, Florida

SandFest is a gathering of people who enjoy studying and trading sand! Members of the International Sand Collectors Society meet to share their knowledge and enjoyment of sand with each other and anyone interested in sand.

In September 2018, the Jacksonville Gem Mineral Society is hosting the first SandFest ever held in Florida.

We are also pleased to announce that the Georgia Geological Society, the Southeastern Geological Society, and the Georgia Mineral Society are co-sponsoring the event.

Attendees and visitors will have many activities to choose from.

Except for field trips and the ISCS banquet, activities will be held at:

Morocco Shrine Auditorium
3800 St. Johns Bluff Road South
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Reasons to Attend SandFest 2018

  • The presentations are excellent
  • The workshops are educational and fun
  • The field trips are a great opportunity to collect sand
  • You get to see ISCS members you rarely get to see
  • You get to see sand friends you rarely get to see
  • You get to make new sand friends
  • You get to trade sand with lots of people!

For more information see the FAQ page or contact us!

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