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Field Trip 2: Beach Trips
Friday, September 21
7:00 am - 11:00 am

Field trip attendees will visit multiple beaches to collect various kinds of sand. We are planning to visit three different beaches where we may find coquina, biogenic, and heavy sands.

Because of weather and water levels, any or all of these trip locations may be cancelled or changed to an alternate location, or we may not be able to collect once we reach the site.

Field trip directions will be included in your conference packet. We will not meet anywhere to caravan to each site, but meet at each site, so you may skip locations that are not of interest to you and meet the group at the designated times. Or, you may prefer to visit these locations on your own at other times.

There should be plenty of parking, but you may want to carpool with another field trip attendee.


  • Most locations are flat with a few hundred feet of walking, mostly on sand
  • One location has a pedestrian bridge with stairs
  • People with mobility issues may have trouble getting to and navigating on the beaches

Beach Collecting Supplies

  • Zip Top Bags or Jars with Tight Fitting Lids
  • Sharpie for Writing on Bags
  • Small Hand Shovel
  • Paint Scraper for Thin Layer of Heavies
  • Hat
  • Clothing Suitable for Beaches
  • Footwear Suitable for Beaches
  • Sunscreen
  • Water (it will be HOT out there)
  • Backpack for Carrying Supplies and Specimens

If you have any questions, contact Charles Carter at


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