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Field Trip 4: In situ Workshops
Sunday, September 23
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

We are taking workshops outdoors and straight to the source. Field trip attendees will visit multiple locations where we will learn about dunes, beach formations, sand oddities, etc. We will also see heavy mineral sands so it will be a great introduction to Monday's field trip.

Fees: This location has a day use fee of $6 dollars per vehicle.

Because of weather and water levels, this trip may be cancelled or changed to an alternate location, or, if we proceed as planned, we may not be able to collect once we reach the sites, but we may still be able to see some dunes and other beach features.

Field trip directions will be included in your conference packet. This trip is an hour and a half away from Jacksonville, so participants may choose to spend the night there rather than returning to Jacksonville. This location has many interesting things, and it will be the about the same time and distance from there to the Monday field trip as it would be from Jacksonville. Note: Conference attendees who sign up for this trip will receive trip details so they can plan and book accommodations accordingly. We are currently working on arranging a group rate, but details have not been finalized yet.


  • There are multiple locations to visit and each location should have reasonable access, but there may be a lot of walking involved.
  • This trip may also have pavilions where we might be able to set up microscopes to look at sand we have collected as part of the workshop activities.
  • Restroom facilities may or may not be available at each location we visit.

Beach Collecting Supplies

  • Zip Top Bags or Jars with Tight Fitting Lids
  • Sharpie for Writing on Bags
  • Small Hand Shovel
  • Paint Scraper for Thin Layer of Heavies
  • Hat
  • Clothing Suitable for Beaches
  • Footwear Suitable for Beaches
  • Sunscreen
  • Water (it will be HOT out there)
  • Backpack for Carrying Supplies and Specimens

If you have any questions, contact Charles Carter at


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