ISCS SandFest 2018
T-Shirt Contest

This is your chance to make SandFest 2018 history – well, at least a t-shirt. Use your sand skills to design a t-shirt for the event! The person who submits the winning entry will receive a FREE t-shirt even if they are not attending the conference. Submissions must be received by December 31, 2017. Eligible submissions will be posted on this website so ISCS members can vote for their favorite design. The winning design will be announced on February 1, 2018. Send design entries and questions to Cantey Smith and click here for a flyer.


  • Only current members of the ISCS and registered attendees are eligible to submit a design.
  • The design may have a maximum of 3 colors – it’s easy to forget that outlines in black and areas that are white count as separate colors.
  • Image components must be high resolution and fit within 1225 x 1500 pixels. When the shirts are printed, low resolution images will look blocky, blurry, or pixelated.
  • Images used must not be copyrighted by anyone, not even the t-shirt designer, and the resulting design will be copyrighted by the International Sand Collectors Society, Inc.
  • The design must be submitted in psd or tiff format – the t-shirt company may need to manipulate the image so they will need the original file with layers they can edit.
  • Specify the t-shirt color and make sure the color(s) in the design have good contrast with the shirt color. Depending on the t-shirt color you had in mind, the actual color may vary.
  • SandFest 2018 must be somewhere in the design. The SandFest 2018 dates may be included too, but are not required.
  • The ISCS logo and name International Sand Collectors Society must be somewhere in the design.
  • The ISCS URL and slogan Discovering the World, Grain by Grain must be somewhere in the design.
  • You may also include elements related to the SandFest 2018 venue – Jacksonville, Florida or just Florida – but that is not required.
  • Design must be sand related

Design the conference t-shirt!

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